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The Fantasy Box Essentials Review and Discount Code (WARNING: adult subscription box service)

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When we started integrating subscription boxes in our blog, we vowed to try one from every category. So when the team at The Fantasy Box offered to send us their Essentials Box to review, my immediate reaction was panic. I’m a pretty conservative person and was scared to discuss this topic on our “family” blog.

I initially declined, but after a few days of thinking, I decided to just go for it because after speaking to the very friendly people who started the company, and reading their website and seeing how they present themselves, I developed a greater understanding of why they created the company in the first place and what they’re not: porn, trashy, embarrassing, shameful. Turns out they created the company specifically for couples! (including married people! Why are married people typically left out? Married people like romance too!)

They explain it like this on their website:

We wanted to create a service that…does something positive – makes people happy, helps people grow closer, fulfills fantasies, improves existing intimacy, and even potentially fixes failing, but worthwhile relationships. If you will, Consider us a form of ‘monogamy insurance’. From pre-emptively adding fun to an already exciting sex life, to delivering a form of communicative therapy when things are in a state of decline, anyone can enjoy The Fantasy Box.



If you’re interested in signing up for The Fantasy Box or checking them out, click here and don’t forget to use code “FAMILYCLASS” for 20% off!


the fantasy box review subscription box couples box 5

I’m hoping that by doing this review it will help more people than it will offend, especially married people with small kids that might need(or want!) some extra help in the romance department, or just something new. It took a lot of courage for me to write this review, but I did it with the best intentions. So here we go!

The box is shipped in a discrete, plain brown box and this is the box inside:

the fantasy box review subscription box couples box 6



The first item they sent was a cute white slip. I like that it’s not overly crazy looking, and I believe they might let you set your preferences between cute and sexy.

the fantasy box review subscription box couples box



Next in the box was a massage candle. Who doesn’t like massages? And it smells awesome!




Next up was a bottle of warming lubricant. Okay, I’m going to be honest, this was the only thing in the box I didn’t love. This may be TMI, but the idea of “warming” down there, totally creeps me out. Not sure why! Maybe I’m just odd!

the fantasy box review subscription box couples box 3



Next in the box was a blindfold. The box comes with 2 different instruction cards (I didn’t put a pic up because I don’t want to ruin it for someone if they get the same ones!) but each person picks a card and doesn’t read the other one, so they don’t know what to expect. This makes things exciting and new, and how can you have a “couples” box without a blindfold???

the fantasy box review


The last item was what I’ll call a “personal massager” – I didn’t take a picture of it by itself (trying to keep this as PG as I can!) But it is pictured in the first photo, and here’s a link to the item if you want to check it out! I think the value of this item almost makes up the cost of the box! Also, can I just say that for a “personal massager”-it’s nice that it’s not scary looking, but instead lady-like!


My Thoughts:

We loved The Fantasy Box! It’s a great value, great for couples to reconnect, and would make an awesome bachelorette party gift! I know where I’m getting my bachelorette gifts from from now on!

What do you guys think?

If you’re interested in signing up for Fantasy Box or checking them out, click here and don’t forget to use code “FAMILYCLASS” for 20% off!

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