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Making and owning sentimental art


We needed some cheap art for our living room. My grandpa collected stamps, and when he passed away I inherited hundreds of stamps.

I decided to organize them by color, and then frame them using double-sided tape squares.

In about half an hour, I had a colorful piece of art, and something that reminds me of my grandpa every time I look at it.


(sorry about the crooked frames,  I hung them in a hurry and we haven’t fixed it yet)

We have another wall art triptych that reminds us of Greg’s Grandpa and mom. Greg’s grandpa has the same artwork in his house, from a New York pin-hole photographer.

We’ve admired it for years, and the last time Greg’s mom went to New York, she hunted some signed prints down for us. We think they’re beautiful, and we constantly change our mind about which one is our favorite. We found 3 cheap frames from Hobby Lobby (I love their thin modern look) and framed them in minutes.

It would be easy to take an Instagram pic or a magazine photo and get a custom mat and the same frame for cheap, custom, $15 artwork.


When we were first dating, one of the things that brought us together was a similar taste in music.

Do you remember the movie Juno? We used to listen to a band called the Moldy Peaches, who most people know from that movie and this song.

That wasn’t our “song” but one of theirs was.

So when they broke up, we were sad but went to see Kimya perform on her own with my best friend. It was AMAZING and we even got to meet her and talk to her, and Laura touched her hair. Why? Because she asked to, and Kimya is awesome and let her.

So when people come in our house, they always ask why I have a Hobo kitty on my wall. I have a hobo kitty because

1.) Who doesn’t want a hobo kitty?


2.) It’s a memory that I love, with 2 of my favorite people.

So I found a frame that I already had, had a custom mat made at Hobby Lobby for around $7 with a coupon, and framed the concert poster.

I want the art in my house to remind me of good memories, family and friends. Which isn’t something I can buy pre-made at Target or Ikea (although Target and Ikea are pretty amazing!)

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