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E-Sentials Review- Women’s personal hygiene products delivered- Time of the month box delivery

E-Sentials is a monthly “time of the month” delivery service for women.

When the nice folks over at E-Sentials asked me if I’d like to try out their service, I was excited! I’ve wanted to check out a time of the month subscription service. Because of school, work, home stuff, and the blog, I’m the kind of person who hates running to the store last minute. Or asking Greg to stop. But seriously, aren’t men that are willing to grab their girl their monthly “supplies” and even know the right brand/kind the REAL men? 

I haven’t tried out any other Time of the Month services, but E-Sentials seems like one of the most affordable services I’ve come across. The E-sentials box cost anywhere between $10-$16 a month, depending on what you want “included” in your feminine hygiene care kit. Here’s the 3 different prices:

  1. $10- 20 Tampons and pads
  2. $13- 20 Tampons and pads and 3 disposable razors
  3. $16- 20 Tampons and pads, 3 disposable razors, and deodorant.


ImageIt comes in a white, plain, discrete box. Here’s what was inside:


ImageThe wrapping is so nice. You can tell the company packs everything with care. Almost makes that time of the month a tiny bit more exciting?

Essentials gives you the choice of how many tampons and pads you would like. I can’t remember all of the tampon choices specifically, but there were a lot of them. You can also decide the quantity of each kind of tampon and pad, to equal 20 in all. I thought this was pretty cool, because instead of buying a ton of different kinds and spending tons of money, you can just have the exact amount of each sent to you. For example, you could order 5 light tampons, 5 regular, and 5 regular pads and 5 overnight. I was lazy and ordered 10 pads, 5 light tampons and 5 regular.



ImageAnd pads! (Never thought I’d be photographing pads! As I took this picture, I was thinking how I’d be surprised if I ever photographed pads again in my life)

I’m not a huge fan of pads and was a tiny bit disappointed at first that you couldn’t order panty-liners as an option, but then I thought about it, and considering panty liners are about $1 each you’d actually be much better off buying them yourself. It would be a nice add on though, they could charge $17 (+$1) for panty liners too. There is currently only one option for pads (always ulta thins) but I like that brand anyway so it’s fine!

ImageI just ran out of razor-refills so this is perfect timing. No Sasquatch legs this month! 🙂 I’m not sure of the brand of these, but they’re nice razors. They remind me of the disposable Gillette razors I used to use. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to get the razors in my subscription, only because I like using a re-useable razor vs. disposable to save plastic. But I can also see how convenient getting these every month would be. You wouldn’t have to go to the store for anything! Well, not anything (chocolate!), but at least a few personal care items.


ImageI usually wear men’s deodorant (I’m so weird, I know! It’s “Fiji” by Old Spice, I guess you could say I’m “the woMAN your man could smell like” hahahah.) I usually don’t like women’s deodorant, because while I don’t want to smell like a dude, I also don’t want to smell like a baby’s butt. Why is baby powder so popular as a woman’s scent? Why are we supposed to smell like babies??? It’s too creepy for me to handle.

But this one doesn’t smell like “baby” at all. It barely has a smell, but I’d say it has a slight clean smell. Again, really nice not to have to run out that month! I can imagine this subscription box making the best gift ever for a new mom, because this is what you forget to buy when you’re at the store getting everything for your new baby. And one less thing to worry about when you’re a new mom= always a good thing.


ImageThe last thing in the box was a sample of a Summer’s eve cleansing cloth.



So what do you think? Is a “Time of the month” delivery service something you’d be interested in? Why or why not?