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Taste Guru Review- Gluten Free subscription box


I think I’ve mentioned before that I do have Celiac disease, which means that my body can’t properly digest gluten, and when I do eat gluten, I end up in horrible pain. I was originally sent to be tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis when I found out I had Celiac (and hypothyroidism) because I was having horrible joint pain.


The transition to eating gluten-free has been both harder and easier than I would have expected, although that doesn’t seem to make sense at all 😉

It’s been harder than I expected because it’s not as easy to eat out or grab a quick meal (which has actually been a positive thing, because it’s forced me to eat a lot healthier) but it’s been easier because the pain isn’t typically worth eating food that has gluten.

With all that said, when I found a subscription box company that sends 5 pounds of gluten-free food in the mail every month, I was so excited!

I’ve quickly learned that gluten-free food is hit or miss.

For example, there are things I love that taste better than the versions with gluten (I’m talking to you, Udi’s gluten free cookies, Van’s gluten-free waffles and just about anything by Feel good Foods or Amy’s GF) but I’ve yet to find a good, gluten free bread, and some snacks are hit or miss as well.

With all that said, when we found a subscription box company that sends 5 pounds of gluten-free food in the mail every month, I was so excited to do a review!

Taste Guru is a Gluten-free box of snacks and food delivered to your door every month.

Cost: $25-$34 a month depending on what plan you select, but you can try 2 months for free if you use code “2free” and comment “I signed up!” below. (you just pay shipping for both months, which is $24)

Here’s what we received in our Taste Guru box:

ImageGlutino Gluten-free frosted flakes ($6.11) We both liked these a lot. They taste like better frosted flakes and I’d still eat them if I didn’t have Celiac. Definitely a hit in our house, and I believe they are also vegan. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?

ImageAlpine Avocado Vinaigrette: ($7.50) I liked this! It’s vegan as well. The avocado flavor wasn’t super strong and I’m going to try it for other uses as well- like marinating veggies in.

ImageMediterranean Snacks Hummus Crisps ($2): We’ve received these before, and I’m just not a huge hummus fan, so I passed these on to my mom who loves hummus 🙂


Dang Coconut chips ($3) We’ve gotten these in a Love With Food box and I loved them, and was excited to see them in this box!

ImageBakery on Main Oatmeal ($3) I haven’t tried this yet, but everyone in this family loves oatmeal, so I’m sure we’ll like it.

taste guru review gluten free subscription box review glutino fionas natural foods alpine avocado vinaigrette hummuz crispz thats it dang coconut bakery on main gluten-free living eating 5

Taste Guru also sends a recipe every month that incorporates one of the products in the box. We love trying new recipes, especially GF ones, so I thought this was great.

So what do you think? Would you try  a gluten-free box without having Celiac? I noticed everything in the box (I believe) was also vegan, and were all things I’d eat anyway without having Celiac, so I think I would!

You can check out Taste Guru here, and don’t forget to use code “2free” and comment below to try two months for half price! 



Disclosure: This post may contain referral / affiliate links. You don’t have to use them, but if you did, we’d thank you kindly ;) All views in this review are the opinion of the author(s). The Family Class does not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box.


9 thoughts on “Taste Guru Review- Gluten Free subscription box

  1. Have you tried Liz Lovely cookies? They’re entire line is gluten free and I seriously love them (despite not having Celiac!).

  2. My husband has celiac also and we have definitely found how hard eating “gluten free” can be… Here are some products that we have really come to love 🙂
    – Trader joes all purpose baking flour- it is certainly the best we have tried (and we’ve tried a lot) it seems Bob’s Red Mill and the ones with any sort of bean flour in them are disgusting.
    – Betty Crockers cookie and cake mixes, especially the chocolate chip cookies… There delicious!
    – Bisquicks pancake mix. It seriously taste just like non gf pancakes!
    -Synders also has a really yummy gluten free pretzel stick that is delightful!
    Hope these are helpful.

    • Those are so helpful! Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for a good GF flour (I bake a lot) but haven’t loved any of the ones we’ve tried- I’ll definitely go and pick up the trader joes one! Have you tried the Udi’s cookies yet? those are probably one of my favorite GF things!

  3. I signed up!

  4. Thanks for the review! I’ll sign up and give it a try.

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