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Citrus Lane Review October 2013 (4 year old boy) plus coupon code

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Yay! Finally some boxes! We were getting a little bored over here, with almost 2 weeks of no deliveries!

Citrus lane cost: $21-25/month, depending on which subscription you choose, including shipping
To save on your first box: Click here to bring the total down to $15.00.

What’s in it: Full size care items for babies, toddlers, kids and moms. (or people looking for a great deal on a baby shower/b-day present!)


This month had a breast-cancer theme with a pink box:

ImageThey also created the “Bowstache” which combines October (Breast Cancer Awareness) and November (Men’s Health Month). You can pop out the mustaches from the box:




Inside the box:

ImageDreamz and Twinkles To Go from Cloud B ($19.95) We all loved this! I’ll be picking up these for baby shower gifts from now on! I tried to take a picture of how cool it looks in the dark. It shines little designs all over the room, but it didn’t turn out.



ImageBops Potato Chips from Good Boy Organics  ($1) These are baked potato chips, and we’ve gotten them before in another box, but they’re great because they aren’t fried!


ImageHohner Kids Harmonica ($11) A lot of moms would be terrified when they received this, but I’m so excited! My dad got me a harmonica when I was little (Or let me play with his harmonica, I can’t remember!) But I remember having so much fun with it. Love this one.


ImageLadybug from Cricket Magazine and digital subscription ($2.83 / $4.50) This magazine reminds me of a preschool version of “Highlights.” Not sure if we’ll use the digital subscription if you have to put a card number on file, but Auds likes the magazine so far.


Total value: around $40

We love Citrus Lane. They were our first subscription box and everything is useful and fun. If you’re interested in signing up, or giving Citrus lane as a gift, click here to get your first month $10 off!





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