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Hungry Globetrotter Review

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Hungry Globetrotter is an international food of the month club that sends you quality recipes, spices, and sauces every month.

Hungry Globetrotter Cost: $34.95

To check out Hungry Globetrotter World Dinner Club, click here and you’ll receive $10 off of your first month!


Hungry Globetrotter is a little different than most meal subscription boxes, because they don’t send you all of the ingredients, but instead send you the extras you need to create your “Global” meal- which may be world foods you’ve never tried/aren’t something you could find at your grocery store. The nice thing about a meal subscription box like this is it gives you the option to cook the meal whenever you want (for example, I received this box on a Thursday, but we didn’t end up making the meal until Monday night)
Here’s what was in the box:

ImageHungry Globetrotter equipped us with all the recipes we needed for a full Hawaiian Dinner, complete with wine pairing suggestions. They also provided detailed information on the food culture of Hawaii. Greg and I are both very weird in that we like to read up on where our food comes from/how it’s made (it’s part of the reason we started blogging originally!) so we love getting extra information like this.

hungry globetrotter review september 2013 kaiulani spices li-hing mui caramel popcorn aloha gold soy sauce  8

Aloha Premium Gold soy sauce. I guess Hawaiian soy sauce has less sodium in it than regular soy sauce, which is good to know!  ($4?)

ImagePlumeria flours Li-Hing Mui Caramel Popcorn- This was so incredibly stale. I was excited for it, because I love caramel popcorn, but since they sent me a box to review, my best guess is that this was an older box (It looks like it was the May box from this past spring). But I can tell these would have been really good if they weren’t so stale and overly chewy. But if you receive the box every quarter through a subscription, I’m sure they’d would be much fresher! ($6)



Ka’iulani Kona Coffee Rub and Curry Seasoning: We’ve never had “coffee” rub before, but we LOVE coffee, and we loved this rub. We put it on the chicken and we seasoned the pineapple rice with the Curry Seasoning. ($6.75 x 2= $13.50)


Hungry Globetrotter Chip Clip ($1?)

And here’s the meal we made, and it was great. We decided to make:

  • Kona-Shoyu Chicekn (we changed this a bit from the recipe and cut it up so we could have it with the rice) and
  • Ka’iulani’s Exotic Curry Fried Rice


The Family Class Rating: 4/5 ★★★★✩

We loved the quality of the food- the rice with the Curry seasoning was our favorite part- it also had cilantro and pineapple in it, and it was delicious. The chicken turned out great too. Hungry Globetrotter has high quality, mostly organic ingredients that are hard to find elsewhere. We would have given it a 5/5 if the value seemed a little better (we like to get the value of the box at least, and even better if it exceeds the cost!) And  I came up with $23.50 (Unless I calculated something wrong, someone let me know if I did!). We do feel like we were introduced to some great, quality ingredients though, and although this box isn’t a “deal box” necessarily, it is still worth it because you get to try new things from all over the world you wouldn’t normally try.

Disclosure: This post may contain referral / affiliate links. All views in this review are the opinion of the author(s). The Family Class does not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box.


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