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Escape Monthly Review- September 2013 Oregon Escape Monthly coupon promo code


We just received our Escape monthly box, and we’re so excited! We’re planning a vacation out to Oregon next spring, and we received September’s “Oregon” box!

Escape Monthly: A destination-inspired theme box delivered to your door every month, with goodies from the monthly location, and a trip every month to one lucky winner!

Escape Monthly Cost: $49.95 monthly, including shipping.

To save on your first box, use code “TROPICALESCAPE” to get 20% Escape monthly has already announced that next month will be “Hawaii!” so check it out, Hawaii lovers!


Here’s how the box arrives, we love the packaging!


First, let’s just get this over with:  how do you do a “Portland” box review without these guys:


Put a bird on it.  What? You’ve never heard that? Well, we’ll be kind enough to provide you with a link.

Enjoy saying “I put a bird on it”  every time you see a product with a bird on it from now on.

Back to the review: We love when companies do a price breakdown. We like to know what everything is worth! This box has a retail value of over $80.



Molly Muriel Volcanic Bliss Soap ($6) Smells pretty good, and vegan. Awesome.


Wooden Pumice Brush ($6) I’ve been meaning to buy one of these, but always forget. Now I have one 🙂

ImageOregon Orchard Hazelnuts ($3.29) We have a huge complaint with these, and that is that there wasn’t enough. 🙂 They didn’t last very long around here! These were awesome. Our favorite thing in the box… okay maybe the candle too 🙂

ImageOregon Rain Soap ($9) Smells just like Roses! Haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon!

ImageMetolius Tea and Apothecary- (toasted coconut, raspberry leaf, and lavender) When we opened the box, between this tea and the candle, it was already like a vacation in a box. It smells amazing. we would totally try it, but we usually buy tea that already comes in bags… how do we steep this kind of tea? We wish they would have sent something. Does anyone know? ($10)

ImageDoug’s nuts: confession time: We were starving, so we reviewed this box as soon as we got in just so we could dig into the treats. These are great and we’ve already been on the website to order more. Plus, these guys have some humor. We love humorous companies 🙂 ($6)

ImagePrimitive Lights Cinnamon Roll Votive ($4) made of beeswax, this was one of the amazing smells when we opened the box. Greg loved this. We lit it for dinner with our Peach Dish delivery. It was a nice anniversary-eve dinner.

ImageGrounds for Change Coffee: We never say anything bad about coffee in this house, considering it’s the nectar of the gods. We mostly drink espresso, but we’ll give this a try too! ($11)

ImageMoon Oregon Travel Guide: this was our least favorite item. We are planning to go to Oregon, but if we weren’t, not sure what we’d do with this. It was also the highest value item in the box ($22) but I wouldn’t pay $22 personally for a travel guide, when I can usually find what I need online. If we’re being honest, we wish the box was a little cheaper, (like $30/40 instead of $50) and they left out the travel guide :/

ImageFinally, Portland Bee Balm. Seems very similar to Burt’s bees, but with even simpler ingredients. This balm is made at home, by hand by it’s owners using organic ingredients you can actually pronounce! ($3)

Our thoughts:

We loved almost all of the products. Everything is quality, mostly organic stuff so the higher price could make sense (you get what you pay for!) but our only critique is that it could be a little cheaper if they left the travel guide out, and then more people could afford a “vacation in a box” 🙂

What do you guys think about a vacation in a box? Anyone ever been to Portland/Oregon and recognize any of the brands?

If you’re interested in checking out Escape Monthly, click here and be sure to use code “TROPICALESCAPE” to get 20% off.

Disclosure: This post may contain referral / affiliate links. All views in this review are the opinion of the author(s). The Family Class does not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box.


4 thoughts on “Escape Monthly Review- September 2013 Oregon Escape Monthly coupon promo code

  1. All this stuff looks so amazing! Doug’s nuts look especially enticing 😉 But seriously I’m so glad to see all the vegan and vegetarian stuff you review! I might go broke following your blog…..

  2. Oh, and you can get little metal steeping spoons for loose-leaf tea 🙂

  3. Loved the coffee. I can’t wait for the hawii box. If you don’t have a tea-ball, you can always use muslin or cheese cloth and a twist tie — also, the bonjor jolie box had a little resuable cloth tea bag with the loose leaf tea, which ws thoughtful. Too bad escape monthly didn’t think of that.

    • Us either! We’ve never been to Hawaii but we’ll pretend! 🙂 you’re right, that would have been nice, but they probably just thought everyone would have something. I do haves one muslin, so I’ll try that- thank you! We don’t normally drink tea, but not because we don’t like it (we do) I guess we’re just inexperienced tea drinkers, if that makes sense? We just don’t know where to start 🙂

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