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Bluum Box Review September 2013 Bluum 4 year old

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YAY! Aud’s Bluum box arrived today! In case you’re new to the site, we started reviewing a couple different subscription boxes as a way to see if any of these would work for our family, but also for potential Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift ideas.

Wouldn’t receiving a box every month for 3-6 months would be an awesome gift???

Bluum cost: $21-25/month, depending on which subscription you choose, including shipping

To save on your first box: Use code “PAMPERS” to save 50% off a box, click here

What’s in it: Full size care items for babies, toddlers and mom!


Here’s how the box ships: (side note: when these brightly colored boxes arrive, somehow Auds just knows, and gets hysterical. -I’m a little worried about the happiness he’s going to associate with getting mail, and what kind of weird conditioning I’m doing to him 😉


The theme for September was “Fall for Fun” -pretty fitting, right? In my personal opinion, that baby should have a pumpkin-flavored latte in her hand though.


On to the stuff! First, we have a Bumkins Dr. Seuss plate! We read Dr. Seuss all the time, so this was a huge hit for Auds. ($6.99)


The next item is a Simple First activities Wipe Clean Letter Book: Auds for whatever reason always thinks he has “homework” (maybe because he hears us talking about homework) so he loves doing stuff like this as his “homework”… that he assigns himself! (almost $12)


Next in the box we received an immune support supplement from Wellements Baby for Auds. We used the same brand’s Gripe water when Auds had colic as a baby(which was a lifesaver, along with Dr. Brown’s bottles), because it was one of the few all natural supplements we could find. We’ve also used their “Baby move” for constipation for him.

We haven’t tried the immune support yet, but it will be nice to have the next time one of us is sick/over winter so that he doesn’t catch it! ($13.99)


Next in the box, we had another workbook, from Simple First Activities- My Giant Sticker book

What kid doesn’t like stickers? ($11.97)


Finally, we received a DVD from Early Lingo (French) -which is fantastic because I was just sitting in class the other day thinking how great it would be if we introduced Auds to another language at this age (did you know the younger a child is when they learn another language besides their native tongue, the less of an accent they will have?)

Plus, we received the French DVD, which is awesome, because my husband’s family is from a French-Canadian background (I have the fancy french last name to prove it!)      ($19.99)


Our Thoughts:

  1. The total value of the Bluum box ended up being around $65. Since the cost of the subscription is between $21-25, we’d say it’s definitely worth it!
  2. This was our first Bluum box, but if they keep up the great products, they might take over as our favorite box for Auds (vs. Citrus Lane)
  3. We loved how educational this box was!

What do you guys think? If you want to check Bluum out, you can click here, 

and don’t forget code “PAMPERS” to save 50%

Do you guys have a favorite between Citrus Lane or Bluum? Comment and let us know if you get either, both, or would consider gifting a kids subscription box!


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