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Bespoke Review September 2013 Men’s Box/Promo code

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Bespoke Post delivers interesting lifestyle brands and products to men montly.

Bespoke Cost: $45/month.

To save 25% on your first month, use code “WINGMANhere


It can seem a bit pricey, but our favorite thing about Bespoke is that they give you a choice to skip the month if you want- whether you aren’t interested in the product that month, or you just don’t have the extra cash to spend, with no extra charge!

Here’s how the box ships:


This month’s theme was “Cafe.” In case you’re new to the site, we started reviewing a couple different subscription boxes as a way to see if any of these would work for our family, but also for potential Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift ideas.

This box is actually a gift for someone’s birthday (don’t worry, he never goes on the here- we hope!) so we didn’t try any of the products ourselves, but we knew he wanted a french press, and we already own one ourselves (We’re coffee addicts around here).  We love ours so we knew it would make a great gift!


The first (and biggest) item was a French Press from Grosche ($40). Well, we’re already almost at the cost of the box itself.


This thing is beautiful.

Next, a Milk Frother from the same company ($15)


oh, I should also mention, did you know that even cats like Bespoke?

This is one of our two cats, kitten. (super-creative name, I know!) For what her name lacks in creativity, we made up for with our other cat, “Kahlua” (who has yet to make a blog appearance.)


Back to the box. Next we received Tiesta Tea in Earl Grey De La Creme. I couldn’t find this, so I just took the value of the full size tin and cut it in half, since it’s about half the amount, I’ll say $7.


The final item was received was a small coffee sample, from Cafe Integral in New York. I have no idea what to value this at, so I’m going to guess $3 based on size, I think it could make about 3 cups of coffee, but we mostly drink espresso, so my calculations might be off, please correct me if I’m wrong! The sample is about the size of your palm. ($3)


Our thoughts:

  1. We love Bespoke for both of us (although they say it’s a “men’s” box, almost all of the boxes we’ve picked have been “unisex”) and for gift giving, because the recipient gets more out of their gift then the $45 it costs.
  2. The total value came out right around $65 with my calculations, which seems about right for a Bespoke box. 

So, what do you think? Does Bespoke seem worth it? Or not really?

Leave us a comment and let us know if it’s something that interests you for yourself, your hubby/boyfriend or for gift-giving!

And who knows, if there’s enough comments/interest in Bespoke, we might do a giveaway of a Bespoke box in the future!

If you’re interested in checking out Bespoke Post, click here

and make sure to use code “WINGMAN” to save 25% off your first month!



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