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Thankful Thursday… Hubby-boo-boo’s birthday

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ImageAs some of you might know, yesterday was Greg (or Hubby-boo-boo’s) 28th Birthday. So I though I’d write some cheesy things (although I may have already accomplished that with Honey-boo-boo) <someone point out if I’m spelling that wrong, I’ve actually never seen the show!

So here goes:

1 – Greg’s love of Audie and his patience with him – There really is nothing more adorable than a man who is an amazing dad. Seeing Greg’s patience with Audie and his willingness to constantly teach him new things amazes me daily. There’s nothing better than hearing them play dinosaurs, or robots, or cars, or making forts or playing in cardboard boxes together.

ImagePhoto credit: Alyssa McCord, Yaya Photography

2 – His ability to step in – even when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, he keeps everything sane in this family. He’ll have me take a break and take over until I have the energy to deal with the project or problem again.

3 – His brain. To anyone who knows us, Greg’s sense of humor and intelligence is one of his most defining characteristics (along with his whip smart brain full of seemingly limitless trivia knowledge- I joke all the time about him applying for “Wheel of Fortune” with my grandma- they would clean them out!). He’s even so smart, that he somehow manages to make me feel like I figure out my fair share of things too. How does he do that?! It’s sheer brilliance. Also, he looks pretty darn good in my pink scarf!


3 – His willingness to help me with “one more thing” right now, for example, he’s working on our blog from bed and helping me brainstorm our next project and where we want to go with the blog, when I know he might rather be watching TV or out for a run… while I’m busy talking his ear off about some blog, school, or house idea instead. I couldn’t be luckier that he’s happy to be “in the trenches” with me each and every day. It’s amazing that he has his own interests (volleyball and running) and he can work full-time, go to school, blog- all while staying involved with Audie and me not checking out.

I think some folks might question what kind of man runs a lifestyle blog with his wife. I love that Greg can code our entire website, build a table with me (pics coming soon, hopefully!), pick out wall colors – although he has no background in any of that stuff. He figures things out as he goes and he’s not afraid to jump in and learn new things. I love that he’s not scared to weigh in on my random decorating sprees instead of telling me “you handle the girly stuff and I’ll stick to the MAN stuff.” He truly makes me feel like we’re a team and we’re in ALL OF IT together and as a result our house feels like us, and our house feels like a home. He always tells me how he’s so lucky, but I honestly have no idea how I got so lucky. I promise I don’t roofie him or anything.

In summary: He makes me happier than hobo kitties, things with cats printed on it, bicycles built for two, and Nutella (and those make me pretty happy). Happy 28th birthday, Greg! Thanks for everything, and we love you so much!


One thought on “Thankful Thursday… Hubby-boo-boo’s birthday

  1. Awww! Nice review – of your Hubby! Love you guys, Papa Bear.

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