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Kona Kase Review September 2013

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Kona Kase brings endurance nutrition samples to your door for only $15 a month.

Cost: $15/month

Promo code: Click here to get $5 off your first Kase!

The box:

ImageAs many of you guys know, we’re trying to be a healthier family together- I’m a runner and Courtney just started working with a personal trainer. Note: Need a personal trainer in the greater Milwaukee area? We know a great one! ūüėČ

So naturally, any time a box full of healthy goodies arrives at our doorstep for a review, we jump on it! (Tonto?)


I was surprised by how small the box was, but impressed by how much they fit in there.


  1. Lara bar in banana bread (vegan AND gluten-free) –¬†I loved Lara bars before Kona sent them to us, but wouldn’t mind getting them in every Kase!
  2. Quest Bar in White Chocolate Raspberry (gluten-free) – This one tasted really good. It’s also super high in fiber, which is really hard to find in just about anything you find in the grocery store. It’s also comparatively high in protein, which, of course is good considering it’s a protein bar. It’s pretty low fat (8g) and carbs (23g – mostly fiber), and very low in calories (190). It’s not a meal replacement bar by any means, but it’s great post-workout. It’s comparable to Clif Builder’s Bar¬ģ if you’ve ever had those, but better, in our opinion, nutritionally. Plus the raspberry flavor is actually from raspberries!
  3. BioTrust protein cookie Frosted Oatmeal Raisin (gluten-free) – Very similar similar to the Quest Bar, BioTrust was a good tasting post-workout snack. Comparatively, it has more protein per gram, but more fat, cholesterol, and sugar, and less fiber.
  4. Justin’s classic almond butter (gluten-free AND vegan) –¬†Another product we love and already buy, but never mind getting samples of! It tastes just like peanut butter with half the sat- fat,¬† more fiber, and fewer carbs. Can’t beat that!
  5. Rise protein bar in almond honey (gluten-free) –¬†When it comes to minimalism in food, this bar wins the day with only three ingredients: almond, honey, whey protein isolate. Otherwise it has the same protein content as the Quest Bar, twice the fat, a lot more sugar, and less fiber.
  1. ImageKrave Beef Jerky in chili-lime¬†– I am a big jerky fan, and Krave was no exception. The flavor was amazing, and the ingredients all natural. It was¬†definitely on the spicy side –¬†almost too much for me, but the flavor was so good, I couldn’t help myself!
  2. Greenola in Raisin Coconut – I’ve had Kale chips before and like them a lot. I have not had Kale granola. This is was a surprise because my taste buds didn’t know what to expect. I think of Kale as salty or leafy, and this was sweet and tasted like a crisper granola. The smell is AWFUL. But the taste is good, just unexpected.

Our thoughts: So far, Kona is our favorite health food subscription box – partially because of all the gluten free samples for Court. Many of the samples¬† were vegan, organic and non GMO products ‚Äď which is a plus! We also love on-the-go snacks and protein bars because we’re both students. We always look for actually¬†all natural, healthy foods with good flavor.

Kona’s mission¬†really struck us as akin to our own views on health and food, and we’re excited to subscribe to their box.

Want to check out Kona Kase? You can take a look or sign up here

Disclosure: This post may contain referral / affiliate links. All views in this review are the opinion of the author(s). The Family Class does not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box.


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