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New Meal Subscription Box: Peach Dish Review September 2013


Peach Dish is a meal-delivery service that delivers convenience right to your door every week with a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to turn them into a three-course meal. Peach Dish currently ships nation-wide. When Peach Dish asked us if we wanted to try out some three-course meals and check out their service we jumped at the chance. We love spending time together as a family making healthy meals!

The cost: $20 a week for two people for one 3-course meal, $40 for 2, 3-course meals.

The box was shipped on Wednesday and arrived today at around 5:00 PM. It was packaged in a refrigerated case within a 2-day priority service box.


As soon as we opened the refrigerated box, we knew there was a problem. We suspected it from the outside of the box and the inside confirmed that the strawberries had leaked everywhere.


It wasn’t a huge deal and we just rinsed everything off and chalked it up to fresh strawberries not traveling very well.


We were right. They were a bit mushy and melty (can strawberries be melty???) but we didn’t eat them. They weren’t moldy or anything, just too mushy for us. Which is too bad because this family loves us some strawberries! Here’s Instagram proof!

ImageBut on to the review! Here’s what was included in our meal:

Endive Salad, Salmon in a dijon-dill sauce, sundried tomato orzo and fresh strawberries.

Here’s all of the ingredients:

ImageIsn’t it cute? Now let’s get cooking!

ImageMaking the endive salad. To be honest, we had no idea what endives were until this meal. But they’re like little lettuce bunches. They look like this:

ImageDo you know how hard it is to pour olive oil while you know someone is creepin, taking pictures of you?

ImageIt got progressively loopier while I (Courtney) was making the salmon, as if we were downing wine off camera (we weren’t, sadly). FISH FACE!

ImageHere’s the salmon in all of it’s saucy, salmon-y goodness before we put it in the oven:

ImageAnd here’s the finished product:

ImageOur thoughts:

  1. We were both a little nervous about the mustard/dill combination of the sauce. Neither of us are big fans of either, but have used them in recipes before. But we know that they can add good flavor to things… sometimes… so we trusted the chefs over at Peach Dish, and we want to say, we are so GLAD we did! We both loved it, and will be making it again to try on other meats and dishes. Man, was it amazing. We’re still talking about it!
  2. LOVED the orzo, even though I’m not supposed to have it because of my Celiac disease, but it was great!
  3. I wish they had some nutrition facts included, but maybe that’s just because I have an interest in all things nutrition 😉
  4. The entire prep for everything was about 25 minutes, perfect for busy people!
  5. Overall, we loved it. And even though the strawberries were a bust, for the two courses we did have, they were both great and the salmon was delicious, and easily worth $10/ a person. Greg orders the lunch portion of salmon all the time at our favorite restaurant, and it cost $17 alone. This was a much better deal, and is easily cheaper and quicker than most of the other meal subscription boxes we’ve tried .

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in trying a service that delivers everything you need to make a healthy meal at home? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: We received this box for review purposes.  No compensation was received and all opinions are our own. 

2 thoughts on “New Meal Subscription Box: Peach Dish Review September 2013

  1. The reviews are great Courtney and so is your blog! Very proud papa!

  2. This is interesting id love to check it out.

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