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Rita’s Story

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Hey guys, today we wanted to share Rita’s story. Rita is a mom of a little girl, Rory, and recently lost her second little girl. Her story is an incredibly heartbreaking story, but also a reminder of how precious life is and to treasure our little ones, and really spend quality time with them.

I encourage you to read Rita’s story here

As a mom, employee, student, and wife, I often find myself short on time to spend with Auden. And not just driving with him to the grocery store; real, attentive, quality time. Sometimes we need a reminder that not only should we be present in our children’s’ lives, but we should be engaging in them.

Sometimes being present just means looking up from what we’re doing (cleaning, homework, watching TV) and really acknowledging what they’re saying to us. Or when picking our kids up from school or the babysitter, listen to and engage in what happened during their day. Turn off the phone calls and radio, the work emails we read at home or candy crush high scores we’re trying to beat. Ask your child what they learned today, and make that a part of your day.

My mom told me awhile ago that the difference between being a grandparent and a parent is that by the time you’re a grandparent, you learn that you can’t have the time back.

The chores can wait. The next episode of “Breaking Bad” can wait. Your precious little one won’t be little forever.

This isn’t to say that we can’t enjoy our activities. Greg is a huge Badger football fan, and has a tradition of getting together with friends to watch games. But since Auden was born, he’s been a part of the tradition. He and Greg meet up with the boys to play catch, eat, and root on Bucky. Now, Auden looks forward to football season. Tonight, we saw a commercial for the return of Football season, and Auden yells “Daddy! football starts again on Thursday! Isn’t that awesome!”

A huge part of parenting is going to work, providing for your kids, and making sure they eat their vegetables. But it’s also about connecting, teaching, and listening, After all, we are the biggest influence in our children’s lives.


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