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Citrus Lane and Fab Kids August 2013 4 year old boy box review


YAY! My Citrus Lane box arrived this weekend! I’ve been so excited about this one, that I feel like I’ve checked the tracking a few 100 times! In case you’re new to the site, I signed up for a couple different subscription boxes. I wanted to see if any of these would work for our family, and I was also considering doing subscription boxes for potential Christmas/baby shower gift ideas. I think that instead of one gift, receiving a box every month for 3-6 months would be an awesome gift!

Citrus lane cost: $21-25/month, depending on which subscription you choose, including shipping
To save on your first box: Click here to bring the total down to $15.00.
I signed up when they had the buy one box, get one half off deal, bringing my total to $37.50

What’s in it: Full size care items for babies, toddlers, kids and moms.

cirtus lane welcome

First: I am already so incredibly impressed. We’re giving these to Auds on his birthday to open along with a couple other small things, but I am almost positive the Citrus lane boxes will be his favorite. Warning: This is a LONG post! Here’s box number 1:

citrus lane annies cheddar bunnies creativity for kids construction set ouchies jr truck town bandages barefoot books tractor puzzle

We received:
Ouchies Jr. Trucktown bandages We can always use more bandages!($6.49)

Annies Cheddar Bunnies
We love these and already buy them. ($3?)
Barefoot books puzzle ($14.99)
Creativity for kids construction set -Auds loves anything he can get his hands on that is coloring, so this is perfect for his interests. ($7.95)
clean well citrus lane wipes
Not pictured with the rest:
Clean well all natural hand-sanitizing wipes ($4.99)
I loved these so much, I brought them out to the car the night we received our box for our “mini” roadtrip!
Now the best part:
fab kids citrus lane (2)
An insert from Fabkids to receive your first outfit for free! ($39.95) I couldn’t believe this offer! This more than paid for the box this month. I entered the “promo” code at checkout, and paid the $4.95 for shipping.
fab kids promo code citrus lane
I love this website and will definitely be ordering more outfits from here! Here’s the outfit we decided on:
fab kids citrus lane
I waited to do this review until we received our outfit from Fabkids, so you guys could check it out. Don’t worry if you aren’t subscribed to Citrus Orange, there’s still an awesome deal where you can get your first outfit for half off. To get 50% off your first outfit, click here

Here’s a cute kid that I know modeling his new outfit!
fab kids citrus lane outfit review
So far, I’m loving Fabkids. The outfit is adorable, high-quality, and shipped in 3 days!
Paid: $25 for box 1, total value: $72.42! (including subtracting the $4.95 we paid for shipping!

Box number 2- the bonus box (paid $12.50):
box 2
Goodbyn Bynto box for lunches ($9.50)
I love this, and can’t wait until he can use it for school! But for right now, it will be great for car rides!
Me4kids Cool it Buddy ($2.99) we can always use instant ice packs!
Just stawberries dried strawberries ($1) We love these! They taste great and are a good way to bring along healthy snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated. I already ordered more!
Goodbyn dishwasher-safe stickers ($3.50)
I can’t wait to let Auds decorate his Bynto box with these, he’s going to go crazy!
Melissa and Doug create a race car kit ($4.99)
Again, so perfect for Auden, he loves crafts and painting right now, so I know he’s going to love this one.

Paid $12.50 for box #2, total value: $21.98

So far, I’m loving citrus lane. I’ve been very impressed by everything in the boxes- everything is useful and fun for Auds to play with. If you’re interested in signing up, or giving Citrus lane as a gift, click here to get your first month $10 off!


4 thoughts on “Citrus Lane and Fab Kids August 2013 4 year old boy box review

  1. Hi! I got the August Citrus Lane box too but haven’t redeemed the Fabkids offer. Are you keeping it or cancelling? I’d like to redeem it but am nervous it will be difficult to cancel once I do. If you cancelled after you got the first outfit how hard was it?

    • Hi Erin! I did cancel, and It was very, very easy. Under “my account” there’s a tab that says “cancel” and you just hit submit, and receive an email confirming your cancelation. I loved the outfit we received, but $40 a month is a lot to spend for a mom who usually gets her outfits from rummage sales or consignment stores 😉 let me know if I can help you with anything else! I took a screen shot of it, if you want to email me, I can send it to you.

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