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Conscious box review: Gluten free August 2013


So I signed up for a couple different subscription boxes. I wanted to see if any of these would work for our family, and I was also considering doing subscription boxes for potential Christmas/baby shower gift ideas. I think that instead of one gift, receiving a box every month for 3-6 months would be an awesome gift!

Conscious Box cost:
$19.99/month, including shipping
I used code “FIRSTBOXFREE” to bring the total down to $7.95 (for shipping)

What’s in it: All natural, Eco-friendly, full-size and sample-size products that are good for you and the earth. The website states that you can expect anywhere between 10 and 20 products in each box. This box had 15 samples. They have three box options: Regular, Gluten-free and Vegan. I subscribed to the Gluten-free box this month, but I might change my settings to the normal box to see what’s in it.
I love how beautifully presented the boxes are, and I’ll definitely be re-using the box. As an Eco-company, I’m not sure why they would use two boxes (there’s a box within the shipping box) but maybe it keeps stuff from spilling? Don’t know.


Happy tot Super toddler bars (2)
Barney Butter Almond butter
Kelapo coconut oil
MRM veggie protein

The Happy tot bars are great! Auden loved them and thought they tasted like Honey-nut cheerios! I can see the Hubs enjoying these too. I’m always looking for on-the-go healthy snacks for Auden.

The Barney butter was FANTASTIC. I’ve wanted to find a good almond butter for awhile and this one was great. I would definitely pick this up. I wish the sample was a little larger so I could have used more of it 🙂

I haven’t tried the Kelapo coconut oil but I’ve wanted to cook with coconut oil for awhile as well. I hope I love this one!

Veggie protein… going to try this when Greg gets home… I’m just not sure. It’s a nice idea in theory, but I’m not a fan of powdered, drinkable anything. We’ll see.


Doctor’s best L-Theanine
MRM Relax-all with Phenibut
Fontus green apple throat lozenges
Herbal Zap immune support

I haven’t tried the L-theanine, which is supposed to help you relax (without drowsiness) and “reduces stress and tension.” L-Theanine is found in green tea. I have tried over and over again without success to enjoy green tea, so I’m hopeful I can get the benefits of green tea from these. I’ll update this post after I try them!

I probably will take the Relax-all tonight. I could always use some relaxation! The main ingredients are Phenibut (which is similar to the naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid in your body) and L-Tryptophan (an essential amino acid- the stuff they say makes you tired after your thanksgiving dinner)

The Fontus green apple throat lozenges were good! I don’t have a sore throat currently, but I hate the taste of menthol so these are a good alternative!

Herbal zap Immune support- I’m not sick, but I’ll wait about a week into the fall semester and then I’ll give this product a try!
Suki body Butter Cream Salve
Runa Mint Guayusa Tea
Eco Dent: Toothpaste, Between! Gum, and Daily Rinse

The Suki body butter had a weird consistency at first, but you just have to warm it up. It smells incredible, like a spa, so far, so good!
I love black tea, but not mint. I will be passing the Runa mint Guayusa Tea on to a friend to review!
The toothpaste taste like baking soda, pure baking soda.
The Between! gum isn’t bad and I appreciate that they dont bleach it white with titanium dioxide, which is in most gum (and most bright white things) or use added sugar (real or fake). The color is a bit off-putting at first, but it tastes good, and it’s vegan. I’m not a vegan, but I don’t need animal products in my gum!
The mouthwash is minty and my mouth feels clean 🙂


Here’s where I got confused. This was the only sample in the Conscious box other than the Happy Tot bars which was full-sized. As a 25 year-old, I can’t imagine this product will stay good another 20-25 years. I could pass it on, but I feel like I may offend someone by giving them this. If anyone is interested, let me know!

There was also a cute post-card of a dandelion. (Not pictured). I wanted to play Play-doh with my son instead. I barely use snail-mail except for invitations, so I think I’ll hang this one by my desk.

Thoughts: When I first saw my Conscious box waiting for me at the door, I was really excited. When I opened it up, I was a little disappointed. The packaging is beautiful, but the sample sizes are tiny and I would prefer less samples, that are larger-sized. I think I’ll give it one more month to decide if it’s a keeper or not!


2 thoughts on “Conscious box review: Gluten free August 2013

  1. I’m also on the lookout for Christmas gift ideas, and I would have been so embarrassed if any of my friends got the same box I did. Or the box that you got. Seriously, menopause pills? Did you also get a bunch of ads like I did? That part probably bothered me more than it should have, but I was really irritated by it.

    • Me too! I didn’t put them up here, I was trying to stay positive, but I was just so disappointed in Conscious. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ll let you know if we come across any great boxes for gift ideas if you return the favor! We just got escape monthly, have you seen that one yet? I’m thinking it might work for a couple people maybe 🙂

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