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How I get all the free stuff:

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A lot of my friends and family members have asked me how I get free stuff or very discounted deals. It was part of my motivation to start this website to share how to be frugal with others. Whether you are a mom, a college student, or just on a fixed income, deal sites are probably one of the best ways to get things for free. Buying things I have no interest in paying full-price for on deal sites affords my family to spend more money on the things we’d rather have and allows me to be in college. For example, I would rather be able to have extra money to take vacations and buy good, quality, organic food than spend full-price on something else. I save where I can so that I can buy other things that have meaning to me and my family.

I use a lot of deal sites. I usually sign up for the site when they are giving a sign up bonus and then I wait to use my credit until they have something I can get for free! It’s time consuming and you constantly have to check the deal sites to find a free deal, but that’s what I’m here for! I will try to alert you to when a credit will make your purchase free or very cheap!

I have purchased facials, vitamins, a free $25 water bottle (crazy, I know- I would NEVER in my life pay $25 for a water bottle!), pedicures, golf outings, kitchen supplies, and food… just to name a few! So here are the main websites I use! Go and sign up now so you can have the sign up credit so that when a good deal comes along you can use it to score some free stuff!

Groupon: groupon

Living social: living social link

Plum District: (I love this website because it was created as a deal site just for moms) -but even if you aren’t a mom, don’t let that keep you from signing up because there are lots of things on the site that make great gifts! Plum District Link

Eversave: eversave link

Keep in mind that for some of these, they will occasionally send out free $10-$15 in credit emails and these are the times when you have to jump and the website and find something that will be free!

I hope this helps get someone started!


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