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The Best Things in Life aren’t things

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The best things in life aren’t things

It’s such an easy concept but it’s so hard to remember sometimes. Kids learn this right away. You know, the whole “kids would rather play with the box than the toy” saying. I first came across this quote while reading the blog: becoming minimalist. This one line inspired me to begin writing a blog. This blog is about the journey of our little family- our goal to live more minimalist, our everyday adventures, the crazy stuff my kid says, and anything else we come across.

For those of you who know us, we live in a tiny condo. VERY tiny.  One day I just got fed up with all the clutter in our house. Being in school full-time, having a two year old, and working doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time for organization.

As I was googling organizing ideas (I was planing to tackle our clutter over winter break in hopes of having a less-stressful next semester) I came across this blog. The first idea that stood out to me which Joshua Becker wrote was about the fact that you can only come up with so many creative organizing solutions before you run out of room. The second idea that stood out is that we waste all this time organizing and cleaning through stuff that we could be spending with our family, like Christmas break. I feel horrible that I don’t get the quality time with my son during the school year, but I was planning to de-clutter during break? I was sold. I’ve been a messy, unorganized person my whole life and enough is enough. I don’t have the time or effort anymore to waste my (very) precious free time cleaning through stacks of papers and spending 20 extra minutes looking for stuff.

Here’s my motivation:

  1. More time with my family
  2. Less stress
  3. Less debt
  4. More productive life

We won’t be getting rid of all of our furniture or living in a concrete house. I like Becker’s idea of “rational minimalism” because there will always be a small amount of toys around my house. I have an obsession with news magazines and Real Simple so those will be around for awhile too, until I am able to get e-versions of them. Our mission is going to be: to find everything a place, control what comes in our house, control the amount of clutter in our house, and live a more fulfilled life.


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